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University of Liberia Faculty & Staff Directory

P.O. Box 10 1920 1000, Monrovia 10, Liberia, West Africa. Tel: Country Code: 231

Last Name
First Name
Dennis Dr. Emmet A. President Univeristy of Liberia 231-6-669-855
Ash-Thompson Judge Luvenia Vice President, International Partnership 231-6-515-897
Blyden Prof. Florence S. Assoc. Vice Preident for Enrollment Management 231-6-522-979
Chowoe Siafa T. Controller 231-6-256-530
Getaweh Dr. S. Momolu Vice President for University Relations 231-6-466-061
Kollie Dr. James N. V P Graduate Studies 231-6-526-159
Page Mrs. Esther H. Assoc. President for Public Relations 231-6-519-447  
Sonii Prof. D. Ansu Vice President of for Administration 231-6-510-603
Tarpeh Prof. Wilson K. Vice President, Fiscal Affairs 231-6-554-887
Abdullai Prof. Euphemia K. Dean, William V.S. Tubman Teachers College 06-521-041
Freeman Dr. Tabeh L. Dean A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine 231-6-516-857
Mends-Cole Prof. Morlee C. Dean, college of Agriculture & Forestry 077-011-770
Newlands Prof. Osbert Acting Dean , School of Pharmacy 231-6-515-387 / 077-346-909
Pewee Prof. Lavela S. Dean, General Education


Barclay Prof. Moses Gailay Director, Testing Center 06-515-012 / 077-515-012
Boakai Augustine K. Director, Public Relations 077-566-468  
Coleman Ms. Fatou Director, Alumni Affairs 06-554-118
Crabbe Mr. Ernest A. Director, Transport Office 06-552-548
Damalo Mr. Robert K. Director, Information Sys. & Tech. 06-596-104 / 077-039-332
Davies Mr. Joseph R. Director, G.S.D. 06-442-842
Doe Mrs. Thelma C. Director, University of Liberia Libraries 06-517-986
Geelor Mr. Namusa Director, Central Warehouse 06-579-765
Horace Mr. Randolph Director, Manager of Bookstore
Jallah David S. T. Director Academic Course Schedule
Johnson II Assoc. Prof. David S. T. Director for Regional Programs 06-557-406
Kollie RTDLTC Matthew B. Chairman for ROTC 05-678-165
Koon Dr. Thomas G. Director and Professor
Paleah Ms. Lydia Director of Procurement 06-583-597
Mrs. Patience Director, Academic Coordination 231-6-586-180
Saydee Dr. Geetor Director, Population Studies 06-552-586
Sayndee Prof. T. Debey Director, Centre Transformation & Conflict
Resolution / Acting Dean of Student Affairs
Smith Stephen D. Direcotor University Services 06-523-701
Twalla Alfred K. Tarway- Director Research Institute 06-513-972
Temple Dr. Benjamin Director, Graduate Program, Educational
Administration & Supervision
Vandi Dr. Saah Abdullai Director, Graduate Program, IBB International
Walker Mr. Jefferson Director UL Fendall Campus 06-519-496
Wesley Prof. Samuel W. D. Director, Graduate Program, Regional Science 077-037-265
Asst. Prof. Magdaline A. Director Department of Planning and Institutional Development. 231-6-695-095
Prof. Nyaforh D. Assistant Professor
Actg. Chairman, Mathematics Dept.
+231-6-577-719/ + 231-77-348-983
Blyden Prof. Florence Associate Dean of Admissions, Records &
Asst. Prof. Leroy W. Acting Dean, College of Agriculture and Forestry 231-077-085-801
Tom N. Actg. Chairman Department of Economics 231-6-569-200
Dagoseh Prof. Edward B. Chairman/Management Department 06-556-298
Dahn Prof. Samuel G. Chairman Accounting Department
College of Business and Public Administration
Freeman Dr. Tabeh L. Dean A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine
Geegbae Prof. Geegbae A. Chairman Economics Department / Acting Dean Business College 077-556-966
Guanu Dr. Joseph Saye Professor IBB
Jallah Cllr. David A.B. Dean, Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law 06-510-982 / 05-666-688
Jayjay, Jr. Prof. Philip A. Associate Professor / PADM, Deputy Registrar, Office fo the Registrar 06-513-254 / 077-731-5018
Johnson . Prof. D. K.
Asst. Prof. Hnady J. Chairperson Department of Public Administration and Acting Dean, College of Business and Public Administration 231-6-519681
Kromah Prof. Fodee Coordinator Center for Environmental Studies
Lawson Prof. Victor E. Chairman /English Department 06-572-937
Mango Prof. Henry D. Chairman French Department 06- 525-271
Mends-Cole Prof. Morlee C. Professor 077-011-770  
Mulbah Prof. Joe Worlorbah Associate Professor / Chairman, Mass Communication Department 06-513-110

Sherman Asst. Professor S. Tarnue Chairman, Department of Political Science 06-576-938
Assoc. Prof. Fatu Chairperson, Management Dept. College of Business and Public Administration 231- 6-510-896
Lake Mr. K. Beyan Chief Internal Auditor 231-077-033-380  

Colonel Joe

Col. /Chief of Security 06-592-883
Computer Science Department    
Damalo Mr. Robert K. Director, Information Sys. & Tech. 06-596-104 / 077-039-332
Constance Mr. Joseph H. Administrative Assistant 06-521-149
Flomo Mulbah K. Programmer 077-244-943
Flomo Nathan D. Information Sys. Tech. 06-574-486
Registrar Office
Blyden Prof. Florence Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, Records &
Collins Mr. Wahay T. Asst. Registrar for Records/ Registrar's Office 06-546-823
Gray Mr. Mambue K. Asst. Registrar for Adm./ Registrar's Office 06-435-207
Jallah Mr. John B. K. Research Officer/Registrar's Office 06-581-660
Jayjay, Jr. Prof. Philip A. Associate Professor / PADM, Deputy Registrar, Office fo the Registrar 06-513-254 / 077-315-018
Kingsley Jallah M. E.D.P. Supervisror, Registrar Office 06-552-869 / 077-248-576

Mr. Robert Y.


Asst. Supervisor/EDP Registrar's Office 06-823-611
Prof. Morlee C. Mends-Cole Acting Dean, William R. Tolbert College of Agriculture & Forestry 077-011-770  
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