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The basic course is a program of a year's duration for all students beginning their studies in the Department of Art and Crafts. This program seeks to present the fundamental ideas of creative activities of the past as well as help the student relate himself to the variety of current artistic trends.

The course of study is general in nature and emphasizes technical skill with progress measured against rigid standards. As a student nears completion of his training, he is encouraged to develop his own style and to choose his area of specialization.

Course Description

101 Art - Introduction to Art (History)

The principles of design are emphasized. Color is explored. Various projects are executed with specific design problems in mind. The student is encouraged to create and express original ideas in the working out of each particular problem. Skill in using various mediums such as pencils, pastel, charcoal, water-color and the pen and ink is attained through practice. The course also includes the study of the following periods of art: Pre-historic, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Eegean, Greek, Etruscan, Roman and the Renaissance. Through the Study of photographs and slides, the student learns to distinguish the various styles, periods and peoples. Art exhibitions held within the city of Monrovia are attended by the class. (Studio)

102 Art - Color and Design

This course includes projects in oils and watercolor. Still-life. abstract composition and outdoor scenery are some of the projects executed by the students. Skill in handling the medium is emphasized. Art exhibitions held within the Monrovia area are attended by the class. (Studio)

103 Art - Art of Africa

This is an introductory art history course Tn which Art South of the Sahara is studied. Emphasis is placed on the study of Liberian Art, both traditional and modern. Through the study of photographs, slides and occasional movies, the student learns to distinguish the various styles periods and peoples. Art exhibitions held within the Monrovia area are attended by the class.

112 Art - Sculpture Composition
Pre-requisite: Art 201

This course involves theoretical as well as practical work. Students are Introduced to direct and indirect methods of sculpture. Sculpture in the round as well as relief sculpture are executed.

201 Art - Life and Figure Drawing

The ability to draw forms is the basis for the art course; therefore this course is required for a minor. The course introduces students to basic elements of anatomy. Students are required to develop a certain level of skill in drawing various objects with emphasis on shape and form. (Studio)

202 Art - Advanced Painting

The advanced student executes paintings In oils, watercolor, tempra and mixed media concentrating on the media of his choice. The student may work in a realistic or abstract manner and he is encouraged to develop an original style. Pre-requisites

101 Crafts -Introduction to Crafts

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the general background of crafts with special emphasis on the fundamentals, which include creative drawing, design paper craft and color value. Visits to the National Museum, the William V.S. Tubman High School Museum and other Crafts exhibitions help to enrich the students' appreciation and interest in crafts. (Studio)

105 Sculpture - Introduction to Sculpture

The fundamentals of sculpture including direct, indirect and metal sculpture are explored. Traditional and contemporary African designs, materials and tools are used. Visits to museums, studios and workshops are required. (Studio)

201 Crafts -Craft Design Methods of Craft

The student is taught design in relation to crafts such as weaving and basket making.

210 Crafts - Ceramics and Mental Craft

This is an introductory course in which the student learns how to prepare the clay for use in the slab and coil method. The Pottery is hand built, glazed and fired to produce the finished project. Movies on studio technique are shown to enable the student to increase his skill in his medium. (Studio).

303 Crafts - Methods of Craft

This course teaches the student various basic projects which can be taught to young students at the elementary and high school levels. Emphasis is placed on use of indigenous materials. Creative drawing and color value are also studied.

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