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With a view to meeting Liberia's needs for demographers and demographic research, the University of Liberia, with the assistance of the United Nations Fund for Population Studies, established a Demographic Unit in Liberia College (College of Social Sciences and Humanities) in November 1973.

The long range objectives of the Unit are to establish in Liberia a firm foothold for the teaching of demography and for organizing and conducting demographic research activities - both basic and applied that are relevant to national needs. Specifically the Unit seeks to:

1. Identify and implement research topics on the Liberian population which can be of use to ongoing or planned social and economic development projects;

2. Train Liberians in the field of demography through in-service training as well as through fellowship arrangements abroad;

3. Organize seminars, workshops and lectures on topics related to population studies and various aspects of development; and

4. Develop training programs for the benefit of the employees of the Government of Liberia and other interested agencies. In this regard, the Unit conducts courses in Statistics, Data Collection Methods and Analysis.

Course Description

201 Demography - Basic Methods of Data Analysis

Elementary tools of data analysis, tabulation and graphic presentation of data, measures of central tendency and variation, regression and correlation, association and contingency tables, interpolation and curve fitting (simple) cases only.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

202 Demography - Demographic Data

General principles, concepts, scope and procedure of collecting data through censuses, vital statistics, Registration System, Sample Surveys and other records; evaluation and adjustment of demographic data.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

301 Demography - Techniques of Population Analysis

Analytical methods for studying the pattern and trend of: Size, structure and characteristics of population, mortality, fertility and reproduction, and migration. Population projection and elementary idea of stationary and stable populations.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

302 Demography - Demographic Estimation from Limited Data
Pre-requisite: Demography 301

Methods of estimating basic demographic measures from records of Population growth and distribution by age, children born and surviving; reported age distribution and child survival. Critical evaluation of these estimates.

Credit: 3 credits//sernester

401 Demography - Elements of Population Studies

World population growth and its distribution: Components of population growth - fertility, mortality and migration (pattern and trend in the world, major regions, and countries), population theories and policies; population growth and changes in demographic components.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

402 Demography - Population Change and Socio-Eccnomic Development

Nature of the inter-relationships between population resources and socio-economic institutions; population growth and social change-community, occupation, family and kinship, attitude and behavior, innovation, literacy and education, etc.; population growth and economic development - population variable in economic growth models, size and structure of population and development strategy, housing, health, services, education, social services, dependency, savings, demand and supply, investment, capital formation, production, food, etc.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

403 Demography -Theory and Methods of Development Planning

Basic population parameters and techniques of development planning; regional planning; and economic growth theory modeling; incorporation of economic/demographic models into planning system.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

404 Demography - Project Work

Practical training, independent work and report writing.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

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