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The engineer is a creator and a builder. He takes the discoveries of basic Science and translates them into Industrial products, structures, facilities and services for the use of mankind, which are so badly needed In West Africa in general, and Liberia in particular. He must have ingenuity, imagination, intelligence and resourcefulness to use our natural resources economically. Pew professions offer a greater challenge and satisfaction in creative accomplishment.

An engineer is also a manager of men, money, materials and machines in both public works and the private business sector of our economy. Industry and commerce are utilizing engineers in top administrative positions.

Each curricula of the Division of Engineering is designed to give the student suitable education, attitudes, and motivation for his entry into a successful Career as an engineer or geologist. The programs are solidly founded on mathematics and the natural Sciences, with emphasis also on human values and relations.

High School students wishing to study engineering or geology should prepare by taking chemistry, physics, algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

Professional Fields of Study

The Division of Engineering offers five-year curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science in:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Geology

Each of these Curricula is described in the following pages. Credit, Lecture, and Laboratory Code.

Example: 3 Cr, (2-3) Means 3 Credit Hours, 2 Lecture Hours, and Laboratory Hours.

Course Description - General Engineering

Geng 105-106 - Engineering Problems and Orientation I and II
{Pre-requisite: Freshman Standing)

A general orientation course to the fields of engineering and geology with instruction in some needed basic skills. Use of slide rule, pictorial and orthographic sketching. Blueprint reading, Study skills, guest speakers on engineering, the engineering method of analysis and problem solution, theory of measurement, vector algebra, Engineering problem computations and format.

Credit: 1 credit (0-3)

Geng. 201-202 - Engineering Graphics I and II
(Pre-requisite: GENG 105-106 Sophomore Standing)

Engineering drawing is a means of communication in industry Freehand sketching, geometrical construction, pictorial projection, lettering, orthographic projection, and dimensioning. Use of drawing instruments. Fundamentals of descriptive geometry, intersection and development of surfaces. Working drawings.

Credit: 3(0-)

Geng 203-204 -Surveying I and II
Pre-requisite: Mathematics 107 and Sophomorr Standing

I. A study of the fundamentals of plane survey Yig, Use of surveyors tape, engineer's level and transit. I"nip 'ish it, given to note keeping, differential leveling, distance Ttjsuring, traverses and their calculations, the use of calculator sand contour maping.

II. Topics include topographic surveying and mapping, land surveying, deed descriptions, stadia instrument adjustments, construction surveys profile leveling.

Credit: 4 credits (2-6)

Geng 401 -Engineering Report Writing
Pre-requisite: English 201 and 3rd year standing

Principles of technical exposition. Technical, engineering, and research report writing. Writing of reports, including one major report in student's own discipline.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

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