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The course of study for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in French Studies takes four years. The minimum requirements for the degree are 124 semester hours. A candidate must complete his general education requirements as prescribed by the University of Liberia. He is required to earn 36 semester hours in his major. 18 semester hours in his minor, and six semester hours in elective. He also must earn 6 semester hours in English and 6 semester hours in Philosophy during his last two years at the University. In addition, he is required to write a thesis on a topic to be chosen and approved at the beginning of the first semester of his senior year. There are opportunities in the department for French majors and minors to spend some time at the University of a French-speaking African country.

Students wishing to major in French should inform the Chairman of the Department of French Studies at the end of their Freshman year.

Course Description

French 003 Preparatory French

This is a preparatory course for those who have never studied French before or who have had a poor background in French. The course is mainly oral and constitutes the first step in introducing students to basic French. Emphasis is placed on developing listening, speaking and reading skills through the use of audio-visual/audio-oral aids. Written exercises are introduced only as a means of promoting spoken French.

French 101 Introductory French I
(Pre-requisite: French 003 or Placement Test)

This course is the first of all credit-bearing courses in French. It is a basic French course which lays emphasis on developing listening, reading, and speaking skills through the presentation of situations relevant to everyday life and oral exercises. Written exercises are gradually introduced to help students relate spoken French to the written word.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 102 Introductory French II
(Pre-requisite: French 101 or Placement Test)

This course is a continuation of French 102. It reinforces the skills acquired in French 101 and provides additional material In terms of grammar and vocabulary. The emphasis, again, is on developing speaking, reading and writing skills through the study of themes relevant to every day life.
Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 105/106: French Grammar and Composition I & II
(Pre-requisite: Placement Test)

This first year Honors course is designed for Freshmen who have a respectable command of the French language. It rapidly reinforces already acquired skills, provides instruction in correct French usage and introduces students to- methods and techniques of writing short compositions.

Credit: 4 credits/semester Total: 8 credits

French 201 Intermediate French I
(Pre-requisite: French 102 or Placement Test)

This course is a continuation of French 102. It highlights the major difficulties in basic French grammar and ensures that students have a respectable command of spoken and written French.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 202 Intermediate French II
(Pre-requisite: French 201)

This course, the last in a series, lays a firm foundation in the language for those students who may wish to take higher level courses in French. It enlarges oral skills and gives a degree of competence in written expression through exposure to texts of medium complexity.


French 203/204 Intermediate Conversation I & II
(Pre-requisite: French 202)

This course is aimed at developing oral Skills through the study of a wide selection of passages, newspaper articles, etc. The nature and content of the texts and topics are meant to develop the vocabulary of the students who are expected to participate in group discussions. This course gives firm competence in oral expression and enables the student to express himself/herself freely in public. This is a required course for French minors.

Credit: 3 credits/semester Total: 6 credits

French 205/206 Grammar and Composition I & II
(Pre-requisite: French 106 or 202)

This is a required course for French majors and minors. It lays emphasis on the acquisition of a good command of French grammar through reinforcement of already acquired skills, the study of new areas of grammar, vocabulary building and exposure to texts of medium complexity. Furthermore, students are Introduced to techniques of summary and essay writing. As much as possible, essays will be on topics relevant to the local milieu.

Credit: 4 credits/semester Total: B credits

French 212 Main Trends In French Literature

This is a required course for French majors and minors. It is essentially a survey of French literature from its origin to the present. The course lays emphasis on the works of major writers which reflect the literary pre-occupations of each period. It also highlights those social and political developments in the French society, which influenced and shaped literary production. Special attention will be given to the Pre.-classical and the Classical Periods In so far as they constitute points of departure and relate to subsequent literary periods and movements; namely, the Age of Enlightenment, Pre-romanticism, Romanticism, Realism, Naturalism, Symbolism, Surrealism and Existentialism.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 301/302 French Civilization And Grammar I and II

This is an introductory course In French Civilization. It concentrates on the reading of excerpts of works related to French civilization, the French way of life and problems facing the French people as a nation. Knowledge of essential parts of French grammar and vocabulary is deepened through the reading and explanation of texts. This is a required course for French majors and minors.

Credit: 3 credits/semester Total: 6 credits

French 303/304 French Phonetics
Pre-requisite: French 205)

This is a detailed study of French Phonetics. It includes a comprehensive survey of the French Phonetic system - consonants, vowels, semi; vowels, etc. - designed to improve the listening and speaking ability of students. Problems of phonetic interference are examined. Required for French Majors.

Credit: 3 credits/semester Total: 6 credits

French 305/306 French Grammar I & II
(Pre-requisite: French 205, 301 & 302)

This course provides the student with a detailed study of French grammar and the French language today. It first presents a general view of French grammar and examines principal word formation patterns in French. It also devotes attention to a structural description of contemporary French and introduces students to modern trends in language analysis (transformational, generative grammar, etc.). Required for Fretnch Majors.

Credit: 3 credits/semester Total: 6 credits

French 317 African Drama Written In French

This course is a critical study of selected African and West Indian plays written in French. Emphasis is placed on the structive and themes of Negro-African drama as well as the historical, political and social contexts in which drama was written, beginning with the negritude movement to the post-independence era. Major dramatists to be studied include Cesaire, Oyono-Mbia and Dadie.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 318 African Poetry Written In French

This course is a concentrated study of the poetry of major African poets such as Senghor, David Diop and Tchicaya U. Tamsi. It traces the development of modern African poetry written in French from the negritude movement to the present. Special attention is given to attempts by poets to link written African poetry to its traditional roots through the adaptation and use of techniques associated with oral African literature. Comparisons with Liberian poets are made.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 401 French Civilization

This course provides a comprehensive study of the essential elements of French civilization. The approach is historical and it follow the progress of French civilization from the gothic period to the present. Emphasis is placed on major historical and political developments and their influence on art and culture.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 402 Civilization of the French-speaking World

This is a survey of the civilization of the French-speaking world through the study of selected texts. Emphasis is placed on the similarities that bind these countries together as well as peculiarities which underscore national identity. Special attention will be given to linguistic differences that point to divergent historical and cultural experiences,

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 403 French Literature of the 18th Century
(Pre-requisite: French 212)

The course is designed to introduce students to the essential features of French Literature of the 18th Century: the Age of Enlightenment. It highlights the gradual movement away from the age of classicism to one of philosophical ideas and pre-romanlicism. Attention is given to the development of philosophical and political thought and its influence on literature. Major writers whose selected works are studied include Montesquieu, Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot and Chenier. Required for French majors.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 404 French Literature of the 19th Century
(Prerequisite: French 212 and 403)

The course is designed to acquaint students with, and explain the complexities of the literary scene in 19th Century France. It quickly provides an overview of the literary movements that predominate in the period o Romanticism, Realism/Naturalism and Symbolism. Emphasis, however, is placed on Romantic poetry and drama. Major writers whose selected works are studied include, Chateaubriand, Lamartine, Vigny, Mussel and Victor Hugo. Required for French majors.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 405/406 Advanced Language Course (Translation)
(Pre-requisite: Senior Standing)

This course provides an opportunity for students to become proficient in translation and perfect their written French. It offers theoretical instruction as well as practical training in the art of translation. Students are introduced to various registers - literary, social-political, economic and scientific and are made aware of specific problems of translation. This second part of the course (French 406) is more practical; the class is conducted as a continuous workshop where students are exposed to conference situations. A wide range of reading material including magazines, and newspapers is required. This is a required course for French majors.

Credit: 3 credits/semester Total: 6 credits

French 412 French Literature of the 20th Century
(Pre-requisite: French 212)

This course presents a critical study of contemporary French Literature. It examines and explains the change in content form and sensibility of French Literature of our own century. The course covers areas such as surrealism and its manifestation in poetry and the expression of pre-existentialist and existentialist thought in the novel and drama. Some attention is also given to the emergence of the new novel. Authors to be studied include Gide, Malraux, Sartre Camus and Robbe-Grillet. Required for French majors.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 417/418 African Literature In French
(Pre-requisite: Senior Standing)

The purpose of this course is two-fold: (a) To provide a critical study of the evolution and recent trends in African Literature with special reference to the Novel: (b) To offer to the student a comparative study of anglophone and francophone novels in Africa (418). Some emphasis is placed on the historical, political and social developments which influenced the content and form of literary works from Francophone Africa. Attention is given to the quest for new techniques which lend authenticity to these works. The second semester course (418) examines the varied experiences of Francophone and Anglophone writers and the influence of these experiences on literature. The comparative study is essentially on content, form and style. A wide selection of novels, including those of Liberian authors, will be required for background reading. Required for French majors.

Credit: 3 credits/semester Total: 6 credits

French 421/422 Civilization of French-speaking Africa

This course is devoted to the study of the historical -social ant political development of French-speaking Africa. It provides a survey o the common experiences of Francophone Africa under French Colonial rule from the time of the creation of the French Empire,, the French Union to the era of the French community and independence. It also examines some of the independence and post-independence organization such as the Mali Federation, Cornell de ('Entente, OCAM, etc. It pro- vides an insight into the multiple effects of those experiences on contemporary Francophone Africa.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

French 431 Senior Thesis
(Pre-requisite: Senior Standing)

This course is a requirement for French majors only. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for the French major to research an area in language and/or literature and present his/tier original findings and conclusions in a coherently written document to the department. The student is required to work under the supervision of a faculty member.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

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