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Degree of Bachelor of Science
in Geology Requirements

The course of study for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Geology takes five (5) academic years and one vacation school to complete and consists of 171 semester hours. The entire program follows and includes the general education requirements of the University of Liberia. Non-technical electives must be in the humanities. A foreign language known to have a body of scientific and engineering literature may be substituted for French and may also be used as a non-technical elective if continued past the second year. Technical electives may be chosen from upper level engineering, science or mathematics courses, but must have departmental approval.

The geology curriculum is primarily based on the natural sciences such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. There are also close relationships to civil and mining engineering as well as to biology. Many approaches to understanding, predicting and controlling geological processes require quantitative data and the mathematical treatment of these data.

Students desiring to major in Geology should formally request of the chairman of the Division of Engineering admittance into the program upon his acceptance by the College of Science & Technology. Courses in addition to demonstrated proficiency and six (6) months of approved work experience are also required for graduation.

Course Description

Geol. 101 - Physical Geology
Pre-requisite: Sophomore Standing

Introductory course in Geology, including laboratory study of common rocks and minerals as well as interpretation of topographic and geological maps.

Credit: 3 credits (3-3)

Geol 102-Historical Geology
Pre-requisite: Geol 101

Origin and age of the earth, introduction to the geologic time scale; principles of correlation and paleogeographic reconstructions, interpretation of rock and fossil records. Orogenies, economic products of the geological periods.
Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Geol 201 - Descriptive Mineralogy
Pre-requisites: Geol 101, Chem 102

Crystal forms. Physical and chemical properties of rock forming minerals; and their application to mineral determination. Introduction to crystal chemistry. Genesis of common minerals.

Credit: 3 credits (3-3)

Geol 202 - Optical Mineralogy
Pre-requisite: Geol 201

Microscopic study of the optical properties of isotropic, uniaxial and biaxial minerals in polarized light; didagnastic optical properties and recognition of the common rock forming minerals in thin sections.

Credit: 3 credits (2-4)

Geol 204 - Geomorphology
Pre-requisite: Geol 102

Origin and evolution of relief features of the earth with reference to interpretation of the structurej stratigraphy and geological history of an area.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Geol 205-206 -Structural Geology and Geotectonics I and II
Pre-requisite: Geol 102

I. Description and genetic classification of geological structures. Study of map patterns, construction of cross-sections and structure contour maps. Solution of problems by descriptive geometry and trigonometry.

II. Analysis of complex geological structures. Air photo interpretation. Recent theories in geotectonics. Collection of data in the field and plotting jn the laboratory. Emphasis is on use of stereographic projections.

Credit: 3 credits (3-3)

Geol 301 - Introduction to Petrology
Pre-requisite: Geol 201

Microscopic study of rocks with emphasis on constituent minerals, as well as textural and structural features. Classification and nomenclature. The laboratory work includes introduction to petrographic methods.

Credit: 3 credits (3-4)

Geol 302 - Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Pre-requisite: Geol 301

Study of igneous and metamorphic processes and concepts. Petrographic examination including microscopic studies of rock suits from representative metamorphic zones and facies. Interpretation of igneous and metamorphic history.

Credit: 3 credits (3-3)

Geol 306- Field Geology
Pre-requisites: Geol 205, 301 and Geng 203

Introduction to basic methods of field geology. Study of out-crops and field correlation; occurrences and recognition of geological structures. Evaluation of field notes; preparation of geological maps and interpretation by reports.

Credit: 5 credits (0-30)

Geol 401 -Sedimentology
Pre-requisites: Geol 301, 304

Sedimentary source materials and transport processes. Sedimentary textures and structures; depositional environments and facies models, tectonic control. Application of petrological methods in sedi-mentology; mineral separation methods, grain size analysis. Microscopic study of sedimentary rocks.

Credit; 3 credits (3-3)

Geol 402 - Geology of Africa
Pre-requisite: Geol 102 and Junior Standing

Stratigraphy of Africa in a world context. Major structural units of Africa. Mineral resources. Special reference is given to West Africa.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Geol 403 - Introduction to Paleontology
Pre-requisite: Geol 102

Principles of biostratigraphy. Study of the history and development of invertebrates; identification of the most important invertebrate guide fossils.

Credit: 3 credits (2-2)

Geol 404 - Principles of Geochemistry
Pre-requisite: Geol 302

Composition of the Earth's crust. Frequency distribution of chemical elements in igneous rocks and interpretation; Magma differentiations of economic interest. Chemical processes in weathering and formation of sedimentary rocks. Chemical reactions during metamor-phism are discussed in selected examples of mineral assemblages. The practical application of isotopes.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Geol 405-406 - Hydrogeology I and II
Pre-requisites: Math 202. Phys202

Theory and engineering concepts of groundwater flow and development. The relation of groundwater to surface water; study of potential distribution by graphical, analytical and analogy methods, theory of aquifer tests, water quality development of basin supplies, occurrence of water in crystalline and volcanic terrains.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Geol 407-408 - Mineral Deposits I and II
Pre-requisite: Geol 302

Composition, structure, occurrence origin and economic investigation of the more important groups of mineral deposits. Discussion of genesis. Uses of metals, non-metallic minerals and other geological Resources.

Credit: 3 credits (3-3)

Geol 501-502 - Prospecting and Exploration I and II
Pre-requistte: Geol 408

Basic principles of the geochemistry of ore deposits, structural geology, stratigraphy as applied to exploration and mining geology. Scope: Case histories. Prospecting possibilities, the exploration approach and specific exploration methods and techniques applicable to each type of deposit are reviewed as well as the economic aspects of exploration with emphasis on environmental factors controlling their development.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Geol 503-504 - Exploration Geophysics I and II
Pre-requisites: Phys202, Math 202

General survey of the elementary theory, basic field practice, computation fundamentals, interpretation techniques and economic consideration of the methods of exploration geophysics. Magnetic, gravimetric, seismic, and electrical survey; stratigraphic section measurements.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Geol 506 - Geology of Liberia
Pre-requisite: Geol 408, Senior Standing

The geology of Liberia and methods suitable to conduct research are discussed in selected topics. Special reference is given to the Precam-brian of Liberia and neighbouring countries, its sub-division, and the mineral deposits derived from this period.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Geol 508 - Geology Seminar
Pre-requisites: Geol 302, 401, Senior Standing

Discussion of geological topics of current interest. Each student will be required to present orally at least one paper which will require approximately six (6) hours of preparation. (Literature Survey), and to prepare an abstract of one page.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

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