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The Home Science and Community Development program provided by this department is aimed at preparing students for employment and service as professional home and community development scientists. The curriculum is designed to prepare the students in fundamental home science and community development knowledge and skills necessary to meet the problems involved in providing living condition for themselves and others in the community, particularly, the family in both rural and urban societies. Accordingly, the college-level home science and community development program endeavours to expose students to how knowledge is acquired, related and applied through the scientific approach to everyday life.

The program is therefore designed and intended to ensure that the students receive not only a high quality of professional education but one that meets the needs and demands of developing societies like Liberia.

Course Description

HCD-301 - A Comprehensive Approach to the Liberian Family

The family is studied as a vital institution in global view. The special needs of the Liberian family will be investigated through an interdisciplinary approach. Proposals for meeting the specific needs of Liberian families will be developed.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

HCD-302 - Child Development and Family Relations

Child Development and Family Relations is an introductory course to human growth and development. It embraces the biological, social, physical, intellectual and emotional growth and development of the child in the family, community and society.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

HCD-304 - Human Nutrition 1

An Introductory course to Human Nutrition, including food consumption patterns in Liberia, Ecological, Social and Economic factors Influencing food production and consumption. Basic physiology and biochemistry of the human body as It relates to food utilization! the nutrients, their sources, functions and requirements for different age groups; recommended dietary allowances, Home food production; planning and preparation of balanced low cost diets, based on locally available foods. Improved food storage and prevention of waste.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

HCD-405-Human Nutrition II
Pre-requisite: Human Nutrition I

A continued study of individual family and population nutrient needs, including principles of nutrition in relation to physical growth and development. Factors influencing present and future world food supplies. Liberian National Food and Nutritional Polices. Planning of nutrition education programs. Role of Home and Community Development agents and other professional staff In such programs.

Credit: 3 credits/Semester

HCD-406 - Management of Family Resource

The Impact of family decisions on community development wilt be considered, as well as, the factors affecting the decisions such as goals, values, attitudes and human and material resources. Special reference will be given to the implications of transition from subsistence to market economy, as it applies to the Liberian situation. Basic principles.

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