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Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration
in Management Requirements

The objectives of the Department of Management are:

1. To prepare students for entry level managerial positions in , industry, commerce and the government service.

2. To prepare students for graduate study and research.

A candidate for the Bachelor's degree of BBA must complete a minimum of 136 semester hours within the following areas:

  • 2 required science courses (6 credit hours).
  • 3 required math courses (12 credit hours).
  • 15 required liberal arts courses (31 credit hours),
  • 8 required core course In business (24 credit hours).
  • 12 required courses In major (36 credit hours).
  • 5 courses in minor (15 credit hours).
  • 4 elective courses (12 credit hours) necessary to bring total hours to 136.

A candidate is expected to attain a minimum grade average "C" with no "D" in the major.

Course Description

201 Management- Principles of Management I
Pre-requisite: Sophomore Standing

The functions of management - the history and development of management thought, the manager, planning, organizing, directing and controlling; facilitating functions of communication, coordinating decision making; a discussion of the functional areas, production, marketing, finance, personnel.

202 Management - Principles of Management
Pre-requisite: Sophomore Non-Management Majors.

The functional areas of management - a survey of the management of production, marketing, personnel and finance, and the responsibilities of the board of directors and the chief executive.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

301 Management -Organizational Behavior
Pre-requisite: MANG. 201

Analysis of significant theories of organization and management: classical, behavioral, social system, management science, empirical. Research findings in role theory, group dynamics, motivation, leadership, decision making and communication, management functions within the framework of pertinent theories.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

307 Management - Business Law I
Pre-requisite: Junior Standing

A review of the foundation of law, including legal history and philosophy, nature of the judicial process, court systems and law suits. Basic contract law is presented using the case method. Legal damages and remedies are discussed. The review is related to the Liberian Legal System.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

308 Management - Business Law 11
Pre-requisite: MANG 307

Study of the organization, operation and termination of a business insofar as controlled by statutes and common law principles. Basic legal forms for business; the sole proprietorship, the partnership, the corporation and the business trust. Negotiable instruments. Essentials of Libenan maritime law. The study is related to Liberian law and business organizations.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

311 Management - Managerial Psychology
Pre-requisite: ECON 313

The application of the science of psychology to the study of individual human behavior in such business situations as supervision, decision-making, group thinking, problem solving, leadership, market research and salesmanship.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

318 Management -Principles of Insurance
Pre-requfsite: ECON 202.

The nature of risk and methods of risk assumption. Survey of property, casualty, liability, life, health and suretyship. Public policy and regulation. The insurance industry. Principles of insurance buying.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

319 Management -Business Communication
Pre-requisite: MANG 201

Internal and external communications problems of the business organization; theory of the process; vertical and horizontal; oral and written; feedback and the sending receiving process.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

320 Management - Purchasing Admin, and Materials Management

Co-requisite: ACCT 202

The procurement function and procedures, inventory and materials control; specifications and standards; price policies, quality control, value analysis, traffic.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

321 Management - Quantitative Methods
Pre-requisite: MATH 108

Statistical and mathematical models for decision making. Linear programming, markov-processes, queuing theory, game theory and simulation.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

322 Management - Retail Management
Co-requisite: ACCT. 202

Retail buying, selling and operating activities; merchandising and personnel problems; price and pricing service policies; control activities, credit and accounting; retail salesmanship.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

324 Management - Management of Administrative Services
Co-requisite: ACCT 202

An analysis of the management process as it applies to offices and systematic processing of information. Office automation and computer services, duplicating processes, correspondence, records management, office equipment and layout, work design, directing office services appraising and improving office employee performance.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

330 Management - Administrative Data Processing
Pre-requisite: MATH 108

An introductory course. Computer installation, systems flowchart. logic diagrams, Work on a microcomputer. Basic language plus packages.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

331 Management - Introduction to Electronic Data Processing
Pre-requisite: MANG 330

This is a language course, COBOL and BASIC. A project will be completed by students in groups.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

332 Management - Advanced Systems Analysis and Programming
Pre-requisite: MANG 331

A project course in the methods and procedures for the development of computer based information systems. Systems analysis and the writing of a COBOL program.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

403 Management - Managerial Economics
Pre-requisites: ACCT. 202 and MATH 203

The use of quantitative tools for the solution of economic and industrial problems; mathematical and statistical tools and the use of operations research. The utilization of financial data, capital budgeting, cost concepts and revenue relationship, profit and volume.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

404 Management - Personnel and Labour Relations
Pre-requisite: MANG 201

A survey of the personnel functions of management development, grievance handling and contract negotiation, wage and salary administration, training, safety, recruitment and selection.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

406 Management- Production Management
Co-requisite: ACCT. 202

The principles of production management as they are applied to quality assurance; process design from the design request to locating the factory; inventory control; work standards; materials control; and material handling and maintenance.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

412 Management - Transportation Management
Pre-requisite: ECON 202

The problems of intercity and intercontinental movement of goods. The advantages and disadvantages of railroads, trucks, inland waterway and ocean vessels, pipelines and aircraft as freight carriers. Operating techniques, policies and competition storage; with special reference to West Africa.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

413 Management - Marketing Management
Pre-requisite: ECON 202

The strategies and tactics of the business in adjusting the uncontrollable variables of demand, competition, the structure of distribution, non-marketing cost and the law to the controllable variables of product, price, marketing channels, advertising and personal selling.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

414 Management - Business Policy and Practice
Pre-requisites: MANG 201, ACCT 202 and Senior Standing.

Exposure to the responsibilities of general management. Management strategy and policy making integrating the functional divisions of an organization through analysis of solutions to complete business situations.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

417 Management - Financial Management
Pre-requisite: ACCT 202

The financial aspects of the business entity, corporate securities promotion, internat financial management, methods of external financing, business combinations, re-organization and dissolution.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

418 Management - Manpower Development
Pre-requisite: MANG 404

Methods of training employees; developing skills of disadvantaged employees; building a training program developing supervisors; determining the need for supervisory training; measuring results.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

420 Management -Small Business Management
Co-requisite: ACCT 201

Analysis of organization policies; financing, marketing, sales promotion, personnel, credit, purchasing, location, layout and record keeping.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

422 Management - International Marketing
Pre-requisite: MANG 413

International market planning. Marketing selection, demand analysis, product adaptation, channel selection, pricing, promotion and organization. Export-Import transactions.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

424 Management - Systems and Procedures
Pre-requisite: MANG 324

Systems development; surveys; profile studies; systems analysis; operations research and analysis; procedures charting; form design; control and standardization; electronic computer and data processing Including logic and organization.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

425 Management -Wage and Salary Administration
Pre-requisite: MANG 404

Job evaluation, job classification, merit rating systems, salary
surveys. Methods of compensation, wage rates, salary structure, incentive systems and fringe benefits. Role of Government in wage and salary administration.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

427 Management - Company Planning
Co-requisite: MANG 406

Principles and practices of long and short wage planning; difference between private and public planning; organization and operation of a planning department; forward planning of growth companies; research and development; capital budgeting; original costs; going-concern value and replacement; preparation of emergency plans; business and national planning with regard to natural resources, manpower and technology.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

428 Management -Credit Management
Pre-requisite: MANG 417

Economic aspects of credit: principles of evaluation of c power applied to consumer and mercantile credit management; source of information, analysis of policy determination. Special emphasis is given to Liberia.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

429 Management - Financial Statement Analysis
Pre-requisite: MANG 417

The use of financial statements in interpreting financial condition for purposes of internal control or external evaluation.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

431 Management - Employment Techniques
Pre-requisite: MANG 404

Basic approach to manpower management; manning schedule position specifications; emphasis on the selection process, interviewing

Credit: 3 credits/semester

499 Management -Direct Readings
Pre-requisite as designated by the Chairman
& approved by the Dean.

Study in lieu of or in addition to required courses in the management program for Qualified students with individual interests curriculum problems.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

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