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Degree of Bachelor of Science
in Mining Engineering Requirements

The course of study of the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering takes five (5) academic years to complete and consists of 172 semester hours. The entire program follows and includes the general education requirements of the University of Liberia. Non-technical elec-tives must be in the humanities. A foreign language known to have a body of scientific and engineering literature may be substituted for French.

The field of mining includes metal ore of all kinds, non-metalic minerals, nuclear materials and solid fuels such as coal. The heavy construction industry which are involved in rock excavation, tunneling, and underground defense installation also use mining engineers.

The mining engineering curriculum is based on a solid foundation in mathematics, engineering, physical science; and geology. Communication skills and social sciences are also important, but the largest part of the studies concerns the engineering practices in mining.

Inspection trips to mines and allied industries are made to give greater meaning to the student and his studies.

Students desiring to major in Mining Engineering should formally request the chairman of the Division of Engineering for admittance into the program and upon his acceptance will be accepted by the College of Science & Technology.

Course Description

Mine 301-302 - Mining Engineering I and II
Pre-requisites: Geol 101, 102; Chem 102; Phys 202

I. Principles of exploration and prospecting, design of economic development of ore deposits. Sampling methods, study and analysis of methods used in mining.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

II Development and operation of mineral properties. Fundamentals of mine
development, drilling, blasting and mucking. Study of mine plant equipment and mine management.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Mine 401 -Mine Surveying
Pre-requisites: Mine 302, Geng 203

A basic course in surveying related to mining. Survey control systems, triangulation, traversing, stadia, plane tabte and compass surveys. Shaftv?p)ubing, stope surveys, meridian transfer, solar and stellar observation.

Credit: 3 credits (2-0)

Mine 406 - Rock Mechanics
Pre-requisites: Mine 302, Ceng 306, 308

Physical properties of rock, fundamentals of rock behavior, and theories of rock failure. Analysis of stress and strain. Elementary principles of design of underground openings.

Credit: 3 credits (2-3)

Mine 408 - Mine Design
Pre-requisite: Mine 302

Analysis and design of elements of surface mining operations, systems and 'components. Selection and design of most suitable underground rrining rrethods based on the physical and geological properties of the deposits.

Credit: 4 credits (3-3)

Mine 501-502 - Mineral Dressing I and II
Pre-requisites: Chem 203; Phys 202;
Math 301; Mine 302

Principles of ore beneficiation by gravity, magnetic and electrostatic processes. Principles of flotation in ore concentration. Mineral balances and theory of frothing, collecting, depression, activation, and conditioning. Process flowsheets. Laboratory examination and concentration of ores.

Credit: 3 credits (2-3) (for each course)

Mine 503 - Industrial Rocks and Minerals
Pre-requisite: Senior Standing

Geologic and geographic setting, genesis, evaluation, exploitation processing and marketing of industrial rocks and minerals. Emphasis is on unique problems associated with the group of mineral materials.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Mine 506 - Mining Law and Contract
Pre-requisite: Senior Standing

Basic fundamentals of engineering law and regulations of national laws pertaining to the minerals industry and environmental control. Basic concept of mining contracts, case studies and concession agreements concerning lodge and placer claims, patent procedure, extralateral rights, and mineral land leasing.

Credit: 3 credits (3-0)

Mine 508 - Mine Ventilation
Pre-requisites: Mine 302, Ceng 403

Fundamentals of mine ventilation, including control of gas, dust temperature and humidity. Stress is put on the analysis and design of systems.

Credit: 3 credits (2-3)

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