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Physical Education
Pre-requisite: Medical Examination Certificate

Physical Education (P.E.) Is a required Instructional course as a part of the general academic program common to all freshmen students of all colleges of the University of Liberia.
(The Law school and the College of Medicine are exempted) Objectives of Physical Education

The followlngs are a summary of the major objectives of Physical Education:

1. To attain and maintain high level physical fitness

2. To acquire satisfactory skill in recreational activities

3. To assure a healthy balance between mental and physical activity.

4. To aid In the proper social and cultural development among and between both sexes

5. To acquire the proper attitude toward the need for continued participation in recreational activities throughout life

6. To understand and appreciate the relationship of Physical Education tothe total educational process.

101 - Physical Education
Pre-requisite: Health Certificate

This course provides each student with a practical opportunity to participate and develop skill in variety of athletic activities. It would stress physical development, physical fitness, motor skills, elective sports, remedial and corrective exercises, and it would stimulate sports appreciation.

Credit: 1 credit/semester

102-Physical Education

The 2nd semester course is devoted to the scientific and philosophical aspects of physical education. It would provide the student with greater knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, health education, objectives of physical education and an appreciation of his own body, the development of good health habits and the use of leisure time in
creative ways.

Credit: 1 credit/semester


The Department of Physical Education & Sports also organizes Intra-mural and Extra-mural sports programs for all students of the University. Our students also participate in regional and inter-university sports.

P.E. Teachers Certificate Program

This department has a one-year P.E. teachers certificate training program under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and the University of Liberia.

Sports Activities

1. Football (men)
2. Basketball (men)
3. Volleyball (men & women)
4. Kickball (women)
5. Athletics (men & women)
6. Lawn Tennis (men & women)
7. Table Tennis (men & women)
8. Swimming (men & women)
9. Handball (men & women)
10. Hockey (men & women)
11. Boxing (men & women)

Students Responsibilities Methods of Instruction

1. Health Certificate 1. Lecture
2. Physical Education uniforms 2. Motor skills
3. Class attendance 3. Games
4. Active participation 4. Calisthenics
5. Demonstration

Methods of Evaluation

1. Physical Fitness test
2. Written and Oral examinations
3. Class attendance
4. Participation


ROTC is the Reserved Officer Training Course whose primary objective is to study and to know the functions of the soldier. It teaches young men and women how to handle problems.

It is taught for four semesters with both the theory and the practical aspects.

Course Description - ROTC

ROTC 101

Deals with the fundamental part such as the organization of the Armed Forces of Liberia, care of individual clothing and equipment, Interior Guard Duty and leadership development (Drill).

Credit; ½ credit/semester

ROTC 102

This is an advanced level of the fundamental part of ROTC. It includes basic map reading, organization of the ROTC first aid, and leadership development (Drill).

Credit: ½ credit/semester

ROTC 201

Deals with both the theoretical and practical aspects of map read-ding (review), courtesies, customs, rules of conduct and military leadership.

Credit: ½ credit/semester

ROTC 202 - Military Science

This is an advanced level of ROTC 201. It deals with area of techniques of military instruction and leadership development.

Credit: ½ credit/semester

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