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Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behavior. It is both a social and a biological science.

As a social science, psychology studies social interactions. As a biological science, it regards humans as the product of evolution and so studies them in biological perspective, comparing and contrasting human behavior with that of other species.

The major objectives of psychological study are to reduce the discrepancy between theory and fact and to provide better answers about why man thinks and behaves as he does.

Courses being offered in the Psychology Program introduce the student to an understanding of the basic core of psychological knowledge theory and method, regardless of questions of practical application.

Course Description - Psychology

101 Psychology - Introduction to Psychology
Pre-requisite: None

This course examines the basic processes of sensation, imagination, perception, thinking, emotion, learning and motivation. Special attention will be paid to the manner in which habits, intelligence, attitudes, motivation, and emotion are acquired.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

102 Psychology - Human Growth and Development
Pre-requisite: Psychology 101

The experiences of this course over the trajectory of life from conception through old age, with emphasis on the biological, mental, social, and personal needs of the human organism.

Credit: 3 credits/semester

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